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Create effective and inclusive job ads to attract top talent

Fill job vacancies with qualified and diverse candidates, while saving your company both time and money using UInclude's Inclusive Writing Tool

Improve quality of hire

Decrease recruitment costs and time to hire

Increase talent pipeline diversity by 3X

Build a more inclusive brand and workplace culture

Eliminate Bias, Increase Candidate Quality

Your job ads shouldn't deter qualified candidates from applying

Most organizational leaders don’t recognize that the language they’re using is driving applicants away.

We know how hard it is to get top talent in the door. That’s why we created a job description tool to help you infuse your job ads with inviting and engaging language that increases applicant interest.

Lack of inclusive content can hurt your business

  • Drive away qualified candidates
  • Extend your time to hire and increase recruitment cost
  • Experience high turnover due to hiring unfit talent
  • Face lawsuits for recruiting biases
  • Limit the size and diversity of your applicant pool
  • Miss out on the diversity benefits of greater innovation and profitability
What We Do

Optimize your job ads for applicant quality and diversity

Tap Into Hidden Talent Pools

Eliminate hidden biased language

UInclude helps you to take the guesswork out of being unbiased. Our job description tool identifies every instance of gender, racial, disability, and age-biased language that subconsciously deters qualified candidates from applying. We help you ensure that the recruitment material you present to your potential candidates has no underlying biases.

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Increase Appeal and Apply Rate

Inclusive language guidance

The language you use in your recruitment material significantly affects applicants’ appeal, perceived sense of belonging, and decision to apply. Our job description tool will integrate inclusive themes in your job descriptions that are shown to increase those factors. Our tone detector will also alert you when your tone is too tense or formal so that your job descriptions are more approachable.

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Improve Hiring Efficiency

Predict demographic mix of applicant pool

UInclude’s performance prediction score is designed to help you write the most inclusive content. As you write, our score measures the overall inclusion level of your job ad and how likely it is to appeal to a wide range of qualified candidates. Job ads with scores over 85 have a substantially higher applicant rate.

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Why UInclude

UInclude's technology is proven to make your recruitment material more appealing

Our Inclusive Writing Tool combines the strength of our research findings with our powerful algorithms to ensure that your recruitment materials are inclusive and inviting.

Data-driven and research based

Our solution is generated from rigorous scientific research, statistical analyses, and human behavioral studies

Sensitive and extensive

Our algorithms identify the subtly harmful language that is often overlooked in thousands of job ads

Thorough and comprehensive

We conducted in-depth textual analyses on the content and themes that convey inclusivity and exclusivity

UInclude in the News

What our customers say

Because of the way we've been able to position our brand on our careers page (which we also ran through UInclude) ... we've seen a large proportion of our unsolicited applicants are from underrepresented demographics, making it easier to fill our pipeline with exceptionally talented and qualified individuals.


Co-Founder/ COO, Paintbrush

This tool has been considerably conducive to promoting the organizational diversity that Ontic is aiming for and in all our recruitment efforts.


Recruiter, Ontic

It's very user-friendly and alternative suggestions for words to replace plus explanation of what groups it may exclude has been eye opening.


Lead Talent Acquisition Partner, Zylo

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