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Building diverse work environments where everyone is included

Our goal is to ensure that underrepresented talent are fully included in the workforce across business units, functions, and rank — while thriving in those spaces and completely redefining workplace norms.


What we're committed to

We are driving a culture of diversity and inclusion by creating technology-driven solutions based on data and behavioral psychology research. Our algorithms help employers incorporate language that is inclusive and inviting for people of all backgrounds into their recruitment material, while increasing the volume, quality, and diversity of their applicant pool and significantly reducing recruitment costs.

Problems we aim to solve

Corporate diversity is still severely lacking

Women and people of color make up less than 37% of the workforce.

Unconscious bias deters qualified candidates

Language has subconscious psychological impacts on us. Hidden biases in job ads can discourage capable and talented candidates from applying for a role they are perfect for.

Existing technologies are not extensive

Existing recruitment technologies only identify the conspicuous, outdated, and politically incorrect terms. Our research and technology goes several steps further by detecting the everyday language that has subconscious negative impacts on marginalized groups.

Our solution

Data science at the service of diversity and equity

Our algorithms help you construct recruitment material that is filled with language empirically shown to be inviting for marginalized groups. With the help of our product, you will create recruitment content that will significantly increase applicant conversion rate and the diversity of your applicant pool.

Discover our solution:

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Our team

Our values are rooted in equity and opportunity. Everything we do is driven by our desire to provide marginalized groups with access to professional opportunities and resources, and remove barriers that prevent them from doing so.


Danielle Ho



Toshe Ayo-Ariyo



Sonal Patel



We are supported by an outstanding research advisor — a seasoned expert in behavioral psychology and implicit bias.


Danielle Gaucher

Associate Professor of Psychology,

Director of the Intergroup Relations and Social Justice Laboratory

University of Manitoba