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Craft job ads that are compelling, engaging and inclusive

Make your job ads gender neutral

Get a breakdown of every occurrence of gender biased words, including a gender tone meter that tells you whether your job ad is more masculine or feminine-coded.

Eliminate insensitive, incorrect, and outdated identity words

The UInclude Inclusive Writing Tool will provide you with the correct and appropriate terms and phrases to refer to people of color, which ensure that you’re not using any offensive or unsuitable terms in your job ads.

Reduce the presence of language and phrasing that is off putting for candidates

Our algorithm helps you identify language that have subtle and underlying racial biases that are deterring for BIPOC (Black, Indegenous, and other people of color) applicants.

Increase the presence of inclusive and inviting language in your job ads

Receive insight on the components of your existing job ads that already convey inclusivity, and learn how to increase the presence of inclusive themes.

Create a job ad with an inviting and welcoming tone

Our tone detector will alert you when your tone is too tense or formal. It will provide you with suggestions on how to soften the tone of your job ad and incorporate more approachable language.

Receive a performance prediction metric

Receive an inclusion score, which indicates the overall inclusion level of your job ad and how likely it is to appeal to underrepresented candidates. Job ads with scores over 85 have substantially higher apply rates and lower cost per application.