About Us

UInclude began as an exploration of women in the workforce. Our research and analysis revealed that there is an association between female workforce participation and GDP growth, and that female workforce participation can improve through the identification and elimination of gender biased wording in job descriptions. This finding led to the creation of the UInclude Editor. UInclude is expanding to become a comprehensive platform that addresses bias against all marginalized groups through data-driven, research-backed technology, that serves as a resource for companies looking to diversify their workforce, and that amplifies, uplifts and advocates for the workplace needs of people from diverse backgrounds.

Our Mission

We are driving a culture of diversity and inclusion by creating technology-driven solutions based on data and behavioral psychology research to combat bias, connecting employers committed to diversity to job seekers, and equipping diverse talent with tools and resources needed for professional success.

Our Platform

Our platform will offer services for both employers committed to diversity and job seekers from marginalized backgrounds. We approach diversity along a number of dimensions, including gender, race and ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, religion, and nation of origin.

Our Vision

Our goal is to ensure that diverse talent are fully represented in the workforce across business units, functions and rank — while thriving in those spaces and completely redefining workplace norms.

Our Team


Danielle Ho



Toshe Ayo-Ariyo



Sonal Patel




Yachica Gonzalez

Talent Acquisition Specialist


Cindy Fiedelman

Chief Human Resources Officer
Digital Realty


Danielle Gaucher

Associate Professor of Psychology
Director of the Intergroup Relations and Social Justice Laboratory
University of Manitoba